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Dr. Beast is a real person and he does hold a PhD. Ask Dr. Beast is actually more of a collaborative effort of several people including the real Dr. Beast.

The site began as a column in a Scout newsletter many years ago and has always been on the backburner as an interesting idea. Back then, Dr. Beast (and his cronies) were all in high school, so the column was called "Ask the Beast". Time and education prevailed to give us a better title.

Frequently Asked

Dear Dr. Beast,
Where do you get off offering advice? Do you have any qualifications?
Angry Reader

Dear Get a Grip,
Exactly what sort of qualifications are you looking for in a column that will answer any question from "Why is there air?" to "Got any Real Estate Tips?"
Truthfully, we offer common sense advice and a willingness to look stuff up with a critical eye. On the one hand, that should make our site pretty worthless, on the other, there doesn't seem to be a surplus of common sense these days.

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